"Talk about painting: there's no point. By conveying a thing through the medium of language, you change it. You construct qualities that can be said, and you leave out the ones that can't be said but are always the most important."

— Gerhard Richter, 1964-65

Original Artwork for the discerning collector.​

“I approach a virgin canvas completely in the moment, blocking all external influences, focusing entirely on the white space before me. If on that day the universe will allow, the painting takes on a life of its own, and with great passion I commit my soul to the colors, the tools, and to the emotions of the creative process.

Through the abstract I urge you to bring your own life experience, knowledge, memories, joys, and sorrows along as we set off on an artistic journey together. The thrill of artistic discovery excites the spirit, and when so inspired we are at our best, imaginations soaring, our lives more fulfilled. This is the gift of art."

— John Avery, 2015

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